You’re in the high rent district


Approximately 2% of the American households make more than $250,000 a year and (you may find this hard to believe) a very high percentage of these high-earning go-getting producers spend their days commenting over at Michelle Malkin’s place… when they’re not busy flying their Lear jets up to Nova Scotia to see the total eclipse of the sun.

Scenes from the Go Go Gaults:

  • I’ve resigned from my job, and I’m selling my rental properties. After this, I’m moving to a rural little town and simplifying everything. I’ll be reading so many more books soon, if that sort of thing is still allowed.
  • What motivation do we have to make more money? Only to have it confiscated by the Feds. Bad enough CA just increased a variety of taxes, including the income tax. That’s why I’m looking to move to NV. I was just there on Saturday. Won’t be too long now.
  • I decided I will endeavor to take more business trips and continuing education classes at exotic places and try to reduce taxable income.
  • Yep, it’s happening. Several friends are shutting down to sustaining levels. Partly due to housing and the rest due to the tax hikes.
  • I shut down my online businesses in early November, I don’t remember why. I’m now a net user of Obama Cheese. I may even apply for food stamps.
  • Small businesses will lay off employees, and I hope the first to go are the ones that voted for bho. They wanted ‘hope and change’, well you got it. These bho voters have NO idea how much more taxes they are going to be paying. I just hope those bho voters have their IRA, 401k and stocks cratered as much as those who DID not vote for bho. Such(sic) it up kids!
  • I’m starting my victory garden this spring. My sister is expanding hers and in exchange for my helping with that I will be able to claim some of the produce. I’ve been couponing for over a year now and have a nice stockpile of food for when things get really, really bad. I can’t believe that my country is on this path. From Ronald Reagan to this Marxist in the span of one generation. Unbelievable.
  • I have a friend who is planning to not work overtime this year to stay well below the dangerous benchmark that is 250k. His point was that he might as well take some time off and enjoy and relax rather than work and give every dollar above 250 away. I don’t blame his reasoning and the loss is, he spends his money.
  • I told my wife that we may need to be prepared to move to another country – one with a strong American community, of course – because of the excessive tax and regulatory burden placed on businesses w/in the Continental U.S. What is happening in California will soon be extrapolated to the the other states. When the usurpers are at last exposed for who they truly are and when we can return to common sense, we’ll depose them and take back what is rightfully ours — a culture of civility based on Natural Law/Judeo-Christian ethics, and the rule-of-law Republic that the Founders envisioned.

…and my personal favorite:

  • We also have “gone Galt”. Hubby decided to retire and start Medicare instead of our original plan of waiting two years.
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