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Rabidly anti-gay Mass Resistance is whining about being identified as a “hate group” by the Southern Poverty Law Center. Presumably, the SPLC label has undesired consequences. Otherwise, Mass Resistance would remain silent or (as they have done in the past) wear it as a badge of honor.

This rather incoherent. long winded and illogical response really makes me feel sorry for them. They just couldn’t resist that reference to the book “After the Ball.” The wingnuts are convinced that the book is the origin of the “Homosexual Agenda.” I am trying to figure out exactly who should “investigate” the SPLC. Then they seem to don their tin foil helmets and go off on some weird conspiracy theory which seems to suggest that they were uniquely targeted. Schmucks: You are not that important! Of course, ultimately their reaction to being called haters is to spew a bunch of hate-filled rhetoric. These nitwits cannot help themselves. They were born that way.

MassResistance declared “hate group” by extremist pro-homosexual “Southern Poverty Law Center”. Other pro-family groups also named.

It’s a common theme of the left, going back to the Saul Alinsky tactics in the 1930s, to demonize your enemies if they become effective. This was adopted by the homosexual movement. In their classic manifesto After the Ball, Marshall Kirk & Hunter Masden advised activists to compare people with traditional values to the Ku Klux Klan (which lynched blacks).

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