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Not Guilty?

This guy is pleading not guilty to charges that he assaulted this 15-year-old girl:

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NOTE FROM PAM: As if on cue, how about this statement from his defense attorney.

Schene’s attorney Ann Bremner says the tape – which has no audio – does not tell the whole story and severely impacts the deputy’s right to a fair trial.

What exactly, is the rest of the story? She’s unarmed, doesn’t attack him, and obviously can’t resist as she’s beaten to a pulp. Paramedics had to be called in because the girl complained about having trouble breathing. Schene did not explain why he struck the girl after he had her in a holding position on the floor.

So far, the only “offense” allegedly committed in that cell by the victim is that “officers claim the girl called them ‘fat pigs’ and other obscenities.”

BTW, Schene’s no newcomer to violence.

Schene has also been involved in two shootings, including one fatal, during his eight years on the force. He’s on paid administrative leave.

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