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Garbage Island: ‘Humans Have Finally Ruined the Ocean’ – Movie Night Monday Preview

GARBAGE ISLAND Movie Night Monday, 8pm ET, with Lisa Derrick and Thomas Morton, the co-director.

"Humans Have Finally Ruined the Ocean"

Garbage Island

For years we’ve been reading about a patch of garbage the size of Texas floating in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, ingeniously dubbed the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. Basically, any trash that gets dumped in the water rides the currents to this one spot and joins an ever-increasing flotilla of crap. For all the breathless accounts of the mess and its impact on the area’s sealife, however, no one seemed to have a picture of the buildup.

In order to sate our own curiosity, VBS joined the crew of a research vessel studying the trash and sailed out into one of the most remote spots of open water in the world, the North Pacific Gyre, in search of this mythical garbage island. What we discovered once we got there was an ecological disaster beyond any of our expectations and possibly the single worst thing human beings have done to the planet and ourselves. Hope you’re into cancer and sex-reversal!

Read more in Thomas Morton’s article in Vice Magazine: "Oh, This is Great"

I highly recommend reading the Oh, This is Great article; and of course, watch the movie online.

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