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Paying Taxes is a Privilege

An authoritarian on CNN offered his opinion on the the tax increase for the most wealthy in the Obama budget: "Well, you can punish the rich if you want to…".Note the frame: paying/not paying taxes as reward or punishment (basic to the authoritarian mind). It isn’t.

Paying taxes is a privilege. Making enough money to help pay for the services we all enjoy and the wealthy use more of than the rest of us is a privilege. Paying for the support and care for our people in uniform is a privilege. Paying to help young people get a good education, which will most likely improve their lot and the lot of most Americans is a privilege. Paying to help people meet their basic needs and to sustain them if they are disabled is a privilege. Payroll taxes help support the elderly and disabled as well as providing them with medical care. Paying them is a privilege. Paying to see that food and drugs are safe is a privilege. It benefits all Americans. Well, those that can afford food and drugs.

The next time you hear another shill for the rich trying to make you think they are being punished by paying taxes, tell them it’s a privilege and you’d happily switch places with them and pay more.

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