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BREAKING: The 9th Circuit Says State Secrets Can’t Halt al-Haramain Suit

In an unexpected move, the 9th Circuit has rejected the Obama/Dead-Ender attempt to stay the al-Haramain suit against Bush for illegally wiretapping it.

The order is short and sweet:

We agree with the district court that the January 5, 2009 order is not appropriate for interlocutory appeal. The government’s appeal is DISMISSED for lack of jurisdiction. The government’s motion for a stay is DENIED as moot.

I presume the Obama/Dead-Enders may try to appeal this. But in the interim period, Judge Walker can review the wiretap log and see if–as expected–it proves that the Bush Administration illegally wiretapped al-Haramain’s lawyers. 

Update: here’s the brief from al-Haramain.

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