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Thinkin Budget Crisis and Other Problems

As a college student in the 1960s I tried marijuana several times and ultimately came to the conclusion that I didn’t like it. However I didn’t see any of the scary effects that society was saying came from its use. Now forty plus years later it continues to be one of those taboos.
What this winds up doing is proving to many that in fact the warnings that are articulated by society are bogus. If these warnings are bogus why listen to the same warnings about meth or whatever. Then the real problems begin. Many will establish contacts with those that would sell any of the prohibited substances regardless of potential danger.

It is time to start talking of the prohibition reality disconnect!

We are in a period of incredible fiscal shortfalls. It is time to stop wasting resources on enforcement of a counterproductive prohibition on both the local and national levels and to tax these products to enhance revenues.

By legalizing marijuana it would also serve to strengthen the arguments against those substances that truly are detrimental.

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