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Republicans and Socialistic Healthcare

Not every Republican is rich and many of those who are have parents and families that aren’t. They think nothing of their relatives partaking of social security medicare and anything else they can get from the Government. So why do they reject other people might need to partake of the same benefits.

Medicare is socialized healthcare so if their Mom is on medicare they should voluntarily take her off and pay for her themselves. No! They wouldn’t do this because they think Mom deserves that benefit because she is a citizen and has paid for it. This like all their arguments falls flat because if they hate these type programs so much why partake of them for Mom. Although they think Mom deserves this they don’t think others do because they didn’t work hard enough save and take care of their finances to where they need it. It’s the old people should take care of themselves no matter what and not look for others or the Government to help them. Pull yourself up by your boot straps even if you don’t have any boots.

My thought is they are just cheap bastards that hate to pay one dime to help anyone else even Mom. While most claim to be conservative religious have morals and be caring thoughtful people their true selves comes out all the time. They just don’t care for people who haven’t made it in our sociaty no matter what the reason and think they should not be in any way made to pay for or help them out. They don’t feel the same about corporate welfare or benefits for big business and big money because they respect success and money.

They refuse to admit that the things they promote and are for have caused many others not to have made it and be in the position they are in. Illegal emigration to get cheep workers and labor and legal emigration to get cheap high tech workers hurt american workers. All their unfair trade and global community have hurt american workers. Their refusal to put tariffs on goods made out of the country by american companies and the years of tax breaks to move offshore have hurt american workers. The letting of others flood our markets with cheap goods and other Governments to subsidize industry to outcompete us has lost steel shipbuiling textiles and much of our industry. Our car makers although no prize themselves were sold out by letting foreign car makers manufacture their cars here to save tariffs on their cars.

If all of that wasn’t enough there love for free markets and big banks deregulation big business money the rich and low taxes led to our present problems. They spent us into debt because they refused to pay for the wars they supported and the fact they hate paying taxes at all. If their claim low taxes would make us a great country hasn’t worked yet what are we and they waiting for. When Bush was given the election and they had the congress why didn’t they just do away with all taxes. Thats simple they wanted everything that taxes pays for but they just hate paying taxes.

They just won’t admit that if the country did everything they want from reducing taxes to nothing got rid of social security and medicare as well as welfare food stamps and all the benefits people get and people were left to starve and die. Those that could keep working would be working for less than minimum wage and at just above slave labor conditions. If the Government got out of everything but the basics and reduced to all most nothing they would lose to. Because if all that was done we wouldn’t have an economy to support big business and all the so called conservatives want.

The socialistic healthcare they don’t want would save lives and provide care to all. They don’t want this because all they care about is themselves and they want the best and don’t care if anyone else get any. There was no better proof of this than Cal Thomas on C-Span this morning this drip went on saying we don’t want the kind of care that others have from the UK to Canada and Cuba have. He then went on to brag about how good the care was here because of his wife being treated in Boston for an affliction and how wonderful the care was. What he didn’t realize he was saying is that because of the money or insurance they have his wife got wonderful care but forgot the people who may have the same affiction as his wife but have no insurance or healthcare could get no care. He didn’t say if his wifes problem was life threatening but if it was those other peole might have died. They could have died because people like him have been fighting national healthcare for decades because they are to cheap to want to pat for it.

All of their excuses fall short from their own words that even if you had money you couldn’t get better care in other countries. Well if that is true the charge all those other people to come here for care to help offset the cost our our national healthcare. They use the misnomer that if we had socialized medicine the rich couldn’t pay for better care than was paid for by the Government. If the government was so stupid to make national healthcare that no one could get better care nomatter how much they were willing to pay that would be a problem. Even if every citizen was given the best care available there is no reason the people with money couldn’t pay to be treated better because the best doctor can’t take care of everybody and not everybody needs a private room or special care. Even with national healthcare there is no reason not to let the rich pay if they want better or more than the normal best of care. There would be no reason that every doctor or specialist has to work for the government but if they don’t they they would be on their own to find the rich clients that pay them for what they can get from national care.

Another misnomer is that rich people would have to use the national system. They may have to pay their part for it but if they can pay for more or better on and above let them. That is no reason to deny care for others because you can afford to want more for yourself.

People should not only reject the cries from the right but denounce them at every opertunity. Letting them get away with trying to abort ant attempt to get national healthcare with lies and scare tactics is a crime in itself.

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