Update 2:15 Friday, Feb 27, Still nothing from his office. Latest E-mail to his office below the fold.

Update 6:00pm mt and nothing. I will try again tomorrow.

I am sure many here have read about Colorado State Senator Scott Renfroe here.  In an earlier article I posted a copy of an E-mail I sent to Mr. Renfroe.

To:Senator Scott Renfroe,

After reading how you truly feel about the gays and lesbians in Colorado, I felt you should hold this sign up with pride.  And I also included this sign for you (I support the Murder of Matthew Shepard) so you can show everyone how you feel towards the gay and lesbian citizens of Colorado.

 The E-mail was sent at 6:58 mountain time.  I also placed a call to his office and left a voice mail and left hm my name and number.

As of 2:30 mountain time, I haven’t recieved any communications from Mr. Renfroe.  I had a discussion with my oldest daughter and she is going to do a school project on Mr. Renfroe.  So I sent the following E-mail,

Hi Scott Renfroe,

 I am writing you again as you have not answered my E-mails.  A copy of this E-mail will also be posted on Pams House Blend.  

I am calling on you to explain to my children as well as many other children how homosexuals are the same as murderers.  I am trying to explain to my daughters how thoughtful a good Christian man like yourself can call another group of US citizens the same as murderers, when all they want to do s love the person they love.  I am asking you to explain how homosexuals are dangerous to society.  My youngest daughter, 13, has a friend whose mother is a lesbian.  She is a wonderful human being.  Her partner is also a wonderful human being and we just can’t see how you want to equate them with being a murderer.

Please take the time to reply as we would really like to know how you can.  As a matter of fact, I am going to let my daughter take a copy of this letter to school for her social studies class along with a copy of the article in the Denver Post.  She can tell her classmates that I wrote to you asking for you to explain.  If you are generous enough to provide an explanation I will make sure she takes it to class with her as well.  

Being the good Christian man you are, I am sure you are man enough to stand up for your convictions.  I am asking you to explain your convictions to many children whose loving parents are gays and lesbians.  With out a response, I am sure my point of view to explain your lack of action to this matter will speak for its self.


I get tired of these State Senators and Representatives using the LGBT community as a whipping post and I decided to call Mr. Renfroe out.  I want these people to explain to all children how comparing another human being who hasn’t hurt or killed anyone, and who is a loving parent to her children should be compared to a murderer.  And I wonder if he has the power of his convictions to explain this to them.

I will post updates as I am not going to let this go.  To me his actions are not those of a good Christian.E-mail sent on Friday, Feb 27.

Hi  Scott Renfroe,

 I saw your attempt at an apology in The Tribune, very pathetic in my opinion.  I see you said you would stand by your words, by then why apologize.  This is weak and it still doesn’t change that you believe that gays and lesbians are the same as murderers.

Here is the headline that my daughter has come up with.  Good Christian man in political office, Scott Renfroe, does not have the guts to stand up for his Christian Beliefs.  It fits you well.  It is very interesting that all you Christians want to ban homosexuality.  You call it destructive.  Some of your counterparts have called homosexuals worse than terrorists.  Again I ask you how are gays and lesbians such bad  people that you have to prevent them from enjoying their lives.  Why don’t you stand up and voice your Christian feelings about the hazards to families from divorce.  Looking at life, there are more children harmed by divorce than there are from gays and lesbians.

You need to be up on the Senate floor pushing a bill that bans divorce as the bible also calls this a sin, and divorce and adultery are mentioned more times in the Bible than homosexuality.  You need to be standing out on the front lines pushing Red Lobster to stop selling shellfish to their customers as we all know Leviticus says eating shellfish is an abomination.  

Lets ask you this, “Do you or anyone in your family eat shrimp?” Eating shrimp is a sin and no one has yet to see a lawmaker who believes in the bible try to make eating shrimp illegal.  It is interesting how you pick and choose what Biblical passages are fine to avoid and those that have to be held up high, even when you claim all sin is equal.  To quote you from The Tribune, “It’s not any greater or any less (a sin),” Renfroe said. “It’s equal on a plane that all sins are sin.”

Again I am looking for your explanation that gays are the same as murderers.  Or are you saying Red Lobster customers are equal to murderers as well, those that eat shrimp there anyway.





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