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Pelosi Calls for Prosecutions of Bush Administration Crimes; Media Response: Crickets

Last night, appearing on Rachel Maddow’s show on MSNBC, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi repudiated calls for "Truth Commissions" investigating crimes in the Bush Administration if they issue immunity in return for testimony. Instead, she said she favors prosecutions:

Glenn Greenwald had a partial transcript of this exchange in the middle of the afternoon before it aired. Today (February 26) I did a search of Yahoo News on the keyword Pelosi and found no mainstream media reports of this remarkable development as of 11 am Eastern, 14 hours after the interview was broadcast. [I did find one piece by the Baltimore Chronicle & Sentinel, but it is an activist website, not a newspaper as its name might suggest.]

The Bush Administration crimes set a historic precedent for shredding the Constitution and violating human rights. That the Speaker, who previously had said that impeachment is "off the table" would reverse course and now call for prosecutions seems to me that it should be a big story. Sadly, no major media outlets agree.

If anyone can find a major outlet covering this story, please post it in comments.

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