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Joe the Plumber, Michelle Bachmann & Palin Video Everyone’s Already Seen Kick Off CPAC

picture-5.pngThe Annual Wingnut Convention is underway, and for those interested in taking in the hilarity as it unfolds, Clownhall has a live feed.

The comment feed just to the right of the video is quite fascinating to watch — a seemingly endless scroll of racism, nativism and ignorance, all badly misspelled.

Right now, Bay Buchanan is babbling about how conservatives believe in keeping the government "off our backs" (guess she didn’t read Rover this morning) and "states’ rights." It will always be 1979 1964 for these crazies.

Here are some of the highlights of today’s exciting agenda.

Conservatism 2.0 Conference
Palladian Ballroom
Sponsored by Pajamas Television
Activists, bloggers, students and scholars discussing new media strategies to shape the future of conservatism

Panelists: Stephen Green, Margaret Hoover, Andrew Klavan, Deroy Murdock, Alfonzo Rachel, Roger Simon, Joe Wurzelbacher (ask Joe the Plumber)

Sarah Palin Unplugged on the Media Video Interview
Diplomat Ballroom
Sponsored by "Media Malpractice" Movie
Speaker: John Ziegler and special guest
Open to all CPAC attendees/Tickets enclosed in CPAC registration bags

EMCEE: Martha Zoller, WDUN

Targets of the Fairness Doctrine
Regency Ballroom
Joe Scarborough
Roger Hedgecock
Tucker Carlson

Introductions: Seton Motley, Media Research Center

Regency Ballroom
Master of Ceremonies: Rep. Michelle Bachmann (MN)

My snark is powerless under the crushing weight of this self-parody.

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