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Controversy brews over Tim Gill's role in the regrouping of the LCR

Well this will add fuel to the fire for conservative gays who were already suspicious of the Log Cabin Republicans. The Washington Blade reports that gay philanthropist Tim Gill, who is well known for supporting pro-LGBT pols (and has supported the LCR to the tune of $250K last year), is playing a significant role in the regrouping of the financially troubled organization.

The amount of money that the Gill Action Fund has contributed to the Log Cabin Republicans – about one-third of its total budget in some years – is raising questions about Democratic influence over the GOP organization and its search for a new president.

…One source described Gill as “the largest single contributor to Log Cabin.” But another source expected that the amount of money that Gill Action donates to Log Cabin this year would be somewhat less because one of the big contributions made in 2008 – around $75,000 – was intended to help the organization maintain a presence at the Republican National Convention.

Gill Action didn’t respond to the Blade’s requests for comment on its involvement with Log Cabin. Terry Hamilton, chair of Log Cabin’s board, didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment.

Gill has been associated with Democratic candidates (well, the pickings are slim in the party re: pro-LGBT Republicans outside deep Blue states), so obviously the tin-foil hat Republicans will have a field day. It’s too bad because it’s clear that Gill wouldn’t be providing that level of assistance to the LCR unless he believed that in the fight for equality, we need a voice in both parties to effect change in the long view. However, now that this cat is fully out of the bag, it remains to be seen how this shakes out.

But one source said Gill’s involvement with Log Cabin has rendered the organization “political poison” in GOP circles, alienating its base of donors and other supporters. The source said Democratic involvement with Log Cabin is particularly problematic due to the Republican Party’s significant losses in 2006 and 2008 because “now more than ever, there needs to be a Log Cabin that’s relevant and able to speak out on the rebuilding of the party.”

“Sadly, almost everyone in the Republican Party sees Log Cabin as little more than a tool of the Democratic left,” the source said.

The sources also said they believe Gill Action is influencing Log Cabin’s presidential search process by offering Log Cabin a $100,000 donation in exchange for final approval of its next president.

OK. Since this source doesn’t want to go on the record, that last charge, which is pretty incendiary, is left to float out there. The Blade also reports that at this point and time, with the LCR National Convention just a couple of months a way, has no full-time staff on board.

There’s quite a bit more revealed about the dire financial situation at the LCR, so surf over a read the rest of the article and weigh in.

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