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Searching for Bobby Jindal’s Political Future

Bobby might wanna make other plans for 2012.


I thought Bobby Jindal gave possibly the worst response to a Democratic speaker in the history of democracy.

 Amanda Carpenter:

I’m pretty sure he’s going to be SNL’s next target.


I thought his delivery was weak.

Erick Erickson:

Reading the speech, it was great. Delivery? Not so much. 

Brit Hume:

This was not Bobby Jindal’s greatest oratorical moment. 

Amy Sullivan:

There are indeed limits to the Slumdog Millionaire touch of gold. Not every tale of a plucky Indian lad can capture the hearts of Americans. 

Ace of Spades:

I don’t care how much of a star Jindal is, America doesn’t elect somewhat-off dorks as president.

Philip Klein:

I thought Jindal came off particularly bad. His delivery was flat and his jokes and anecdotes were awkward, his grin childish. He seemed more like a high school student giving a valedictory speech than a potential future leader of the party. 

Larry Johnson:

Jindal, you sucked!

Somewhere, Sarah Palin is smiling.

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