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Professor Bush Surprises SMU Political Science Class with Impromptu Lecture on Machiavelli

2345785026_bcecd5d112_m.jpgNot quite. But…

A political science class at Southern Methodist University received a surprise visit Tuesday from an expert on the topic: former President George W. Bush.

Bush popped in on professor Harold Stanley’s introduction to American government and politics class Tuesday morning. Stanley said he knew Bush was coming, but he did not tell his students.

Smart man, Professor Stanley, who by the way was an Eli. A college buddy?

"He talked about how political leaders are often suspected of making decisions according to the latest opinion polls," Stanley said. "His point was that you can’t do it that way. You have to do it according to your principles, and he hopes that is how he comes to be understood."

The Decider, reduced to pathetically spinning his legacy of Epic Fail to college sophomores.

Courtney O’Callaghan, sophomore journalism and advertising double major, said, “Congratulations on your new library.” Bush responded, “It should be a cool place.”

A cool place, yep. Maybe even groovy even.

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