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President Obama’s Speech had Hope but no Solutions

I am not a Republican or against President Obama in any way but He like all politicians has great big ideas but never thinks out of the box on how to fix things.

He and all of Washington keeps talking about saving the banks and Wall Street. Both caused our problems so we should not be trying to fix them but replace them. If your eye offends you pluck it out. Seems I heard read that in a really good book. Instead of plucking out our problems we are bailing them out. Wall street was crooked long before this crisis. It is built not to trade stock to benefit companies and investors but to make money off of both while not caring if either gets hurt in the process. People just can’t understand this and think the stock market is a gold vault. If it is gold vault it is for the people of Wall street. There is absolutly no reason that people should not be allowed to buy stock directly from businesses cutting out the middle man of Wall Street.

The brokers money managers and all those people make money off of other peoples money and if the investors or the Companies lose they still made theirs. Companies can litterally be broken by their stock being drove down or dumped by market sell offs on worries about things not even related to the health of the company. Investors lose because big money traders make decisions and move the markets to benefit their interests. The whole deal is a giant scam but the country fell hook line and sinker for it. Because they were told our world runs on the markets.
The biggest mistake ever made was when banks were allowed to go public and sell stock in them selves making them no longer loyal to depositors but beholding to their stock holders boards of directors and the almighty profits to pay dividends.

The second biggest mistake was when they let the banks become money managers stock brokers and to sell themselves as investmaent banks. This allowed them to turn everything into securities and take peoples money under the pretense of investing it but then showing it as part of their portfolio. This allow them to become huge on the face but as we now see defunked as to solvency. They were built up by deception and scurrilous practices and now are being propped with our money so they can get back to doing all the bad again.

With the money already given to them not just by the tarp but by the Fed they could have started new banks with from the go with strick regulation that would be lending and fixing the economy. Instead the gave the money to those banks wanting to save them and their investors but hurting the whole economy.

Obama is going to pump more money into them of ours not to save us but to save them. His statement saying this is not about saving banks was the biggest lie he has told us yet. If it was about saving us he would be using our money to help us not them. Saving them will not change what they are or how they do business only let them get back to being the big crooked banks trying to make a buck as crooked as they can off of everyone. They say they want them to get back to lending but they don’t make most of their money from lending they make it in securities so what makes them think they will put lending first.

Like with the Banks and Wall street all of Obama’s wants and plans may sound good but they have to be paid for. He thinks by saving some cutting programs removing loop holes letting Bushes tax cuts expire and winding down the war we will save enough. The one thing he and Washington never mentions is new ways for the Government to get money without raising taxes or cutting something.

You watch things like fixing S. S. and medicare are going hit all of our pocketbooks and cut all our benefits. He quietly mentioned something like a new 401k. Are people forgetting they just lost half of what they had in their 401k’s. Would you be stupid enough to again put your money in a new version of what took your money. If you are you deserve what you get.

If they truly wanted people to save why don’t they sell stock in the federal Government and pay a good rate of interest so people had a place to save that was safe. It would solve several problems first peoples would have a safe way to save. The Government would have all the money it needed to work with. They could fund all the programs that were being talked about plus pay down the debt. They could set up lending to supply credit to those who need it not dependent of the whimes of Wall Street.

The truth is they can only think in the tirms of taxes and they are so cheep they don’t want to have to pay the interest to the people. If all the tax money we pay in just went to pay us interest on our savings they would have more money to work with than they ever could get from taxes. We are the fools because we elect these people and trust them to run things for us.

Well designed lotteries for S. S. and Healthcare could solve the problems and pay for both of them without raising taxes or cutting benefits. If there were many small prizes and people won once in a while they would play and play. They say lotteries hurt the poor the most so they aren’t a good way to supply money. Yet they think higher taxes and less benefits help the poor. The best thing for rich and poor alike and future generations is to solve the intitlement programs problems without raising the retirement age cutting benefits or raising taxes. They just won’t let the people support these things willingly with a chance to win. Instead want to take more of everything from them and raise their taxes to pay for these things with no chance to win. If people knew that these lotteries were saving them taxes making both S. S. and Heathcare available to them they would be fools not to buy tickets.

They keep telling us they have faith in us the people but won’t use that faith to let us support things willingly. Even a millionaire if they thought they could save on taxes and at the same time have a chance to win a big prize would be a fool not to buy tickets. How much would they have to invest in stocks and how long would it take to make a million. When on a dollar ticket they could be lucky and win that same million. Show me a millionaire that doesn’t think he is lucky and I’LL show You a real fool.

We are the losers because we are going to pay for everything and really get very little for what we pay for because we let these people make all the decisions for us without holding their feet to the fire. They could put us all to work immediately get us off foreign oil get us out of Iraq and Afgahnistan fix the economy make everything boom save the housing market and the home owners pay off the debt. Basically they could fix our country and all our problems if they had a brain in the bunch. Obama want’s everybody to get a college education.

Well all those people in Washington including the economists the think tankers professors managers avisors and our dear congress. All of these people have degrees up the old ying yang and that has not kept us from our problems or given us ways to fix them. They say people should learn from example well if they educated idiots are an example do we want to join their croud.

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