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For some reason (and I don’t know what my motivation was) I jumped onto the Cato Institutes live-blogging of Our Great and Glorious Socialist Leader’s Edict To The Masses. Needless to say, since he was talking about the government actually doing something instead of waiting for the invisible hand to give us all an unregulated reach-around with happy ending, they were unimpressed.

Some commentary:

9:43   Tad DeHaven: You’re right Mr. President, we (taxpayers) can’t afford your health care reform. Literally.

9:44  Will Wilkinson: Let’s cure cancer!

9:44   Michael Tanner: Obama is ducking big-time on the cost of national health care. Electronic medical records wont yield savings for many years—if they do at all. And, while preventive care is a good thing, there is no evidence that it saves money. In fact, most studies show that it actually costs MORE money. It improves health, but it is expensive.


9:51   Will Wilkinson: Diplomas don’t magically confer productivity; skills do. Educational attainment is a proxy for the level of economically useful skills. Simply increasing college grad rates is economically meaningless.

I’ll just stop right here and point out that Wilkinson, extolling the virtues of "useful skills", is quite humorous, unless of course,  you find an "expert in the relationship of happiness research to public policy" a must-have when the toilet backs up on a holiday weekend. But back to Cato for my favorite:

10:28   Tad DeHaven: Good point — folks in Louisiana learned the hard way that depending on Uncle Sam is a bad idea.

Oh jeebus.

It’s times like this that remind me of the differences between "conservatives" and "libertarians". Conservatives are, through no fault of their own, grim  social maladroits incapable of thinking or drawing outside of the lines, constricted as they are by child-like notions of "that’s the way it always been",  "different = wrong", and whatever religious hoodoo was drummed into their inelastic brains during their joyless and awkward adolescence.

Libertarians, on the other hand, are just assholes.

(Updated) …and yes, as has been pointed out to me: read this.

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