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Check Yes to Elect Democrats!

The following message is for Democrats in North Carolina only. For similar information in your state, contact your state party.

Do you want to help ensure Democrats win in 2010?

What if one step was so simple it only required you to place a check mark on a form you already have to fill out?

This year, when you file your taxes, be sure to check off the Democratic Party under NC Political Parties Financing Fund.

Doing so won’t cost you one extra penny on your tax return or reduce your refund, and you’ll be helping to guarantee that Democrats across the state have the necessary funding to compete in 2010.

It's that simple.

Additionally, you can also support public financing of campaigns by supporting the Public Campaign Fund.

This Fund pays for a useful Voter Guide sent to all homes and helps candidates for NC’s top courts who accept spending limits and refuse big campaign donations.

Learn more about the NC Public Campaign Fund or click here to view a 30-second television Public Service Announcement about the Fund.

Neither of the options affects your tax bill or refund in any way. 


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