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A little something for the Teaparty

Now that Rick Santelli has become the darling of the right wing, he has, with the help of the usual cast of Malkins, organized "The Chicago Tea Party". Where the conservative swells can gather and proclaim that those "losers" who are in foreclosure can suck it. Because next to de-winging flies and de-legging daddy longlegs what do they enjoy more than laughing and mocking the unfortunate?

Sadly for these misguided ‘teabaggers’, their fellow citizens are NOT a "Nation of Santellis". Rather, the truth is something else entirely. The middle graph is America giving "the teabaggers" the finger (which is, I believe, anatomically possible, though rude).

Of course, Santelli really only got attention from ‘the Villagers‘, where screaming idiocy from a conservative equals something to lead the NBC Nightly News with. Once again, the most common thing in "the Village" are the idiots.

Ultimately, this is all they’ve got. After all the GOP’s favorites for 2012 are Jindal, Barbour and Palin aka Gilligan, the Skipper and Mary Ann all trying to bail out the millionaire and his wife, while blaming "and the rest".

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