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Wish Obama was a Sadder but Wiser Pol – The Community Activist Ego Wants Miracles?

[cross posted from my comment to Glenn Greenwald’s article on the myth of bipartisanship at Salon today]

I wish Obama had been more burned by partisan bait and switch before becoming President. Exasperated with glacial gridlock from jingoism and corporate opportunistic cronyism of lost-souled leadership of this country. His having already endured that sobering lesson, been actually close up and pesonal and tazerd by the betrayal like Capra’s Senator Smith …. the way I thought John Edwards had learned and returned, the way Al Gore had.

The way Ralph Nader always spoke, cutting through bull sh*t, which is why the press and political class could not have him doing ANY commentary or debate … the clarity and integrity was too much earthquake for the lying fields… and the convenient complacency of the public looking at whatever shiny objects of distraction the anti-news and anti-truth and anti-common sense punditry were serving (also, Nader’s ethnicity being intolerable to the Zionist-enthralled and bribed and threatened political/corporate class).

Satanic swiftboating of those with integrity, Davids willing to challenge the Goliaths, with of course the Goliaths posing as Davids as represented in our corporate-propagandized press (and I have Gaza and Israel on my mind for this especially, but also the chest beating of two-seconds old fiscally conservative Republicans now in Congress, having done their economic gang rape of America, now speaking in outrage, such lying s-o-bs). Reality is sometimes hard to face down. But subliminally induced surreality avalanched upon us daily by the lazy and/or frightened and/or bribed lapdogs of the fourth estate is near impossible to withstand sanely or at best easily.

Tazering of the honest by the press, through contempt or jingoistic generalities or simply overkill attention or not tazering at all, simply total withdrawal of attention. Responsibility is the ability to respond. The corporate press lost that capacity long ago. Horrifyingly frequent new frontiers for the same old destructive governmental patterns, same old smug faces and voices reassuring a sense of security, so not so.

I wish Obama had been a tad older and not have that sophomoric callowness toward the DFHs of the 60s. The lessons of the 60s. The hard contested principles of the 60s. Like younger women who really don’t seem to get feminism, and the hard won and now tenuous achievements and rights and opportunities. They wrinkle their noses with disdain, and don’t appreciate if they are not a nurse, teacher, secretary or pink collar worker, but enjoying another career, how that glass ceiling was broken for them. And minimize "choice" in terms of their own bodies.

Obama’s ego … of course he needed it to ride with a valuable and useful sense of entitlement and of course now there is the natural sophomoric self-honeymoon sense of overblown empowerment from his achievement and enjoyment of privilege with the new job. And I hope his community activist experience serves him well. His patience and listening skills. But the Wash beltway leadership has been game-playing for a long time and their absolute power has corrupted absolutely, Barack. Don’t buy your best press! You, too, can be a discarded shiny object by the lapdogs with a jerk of the leash from the kleptocrats.

Thank you for the wake up call once again, piercing the nation’s induced coma by the corporate media — the bizarro world reporting of our corporate media. As I was reading your article peppered with the polls statistics… it was a relief in one way and yet horrifying in another … I couldn’t help think of Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451 in which our hero at the end does escape to the land of the book people but the media reports him cornered and shot by the police. The status quo reassuringly sustained.

Who wrote recently, probably you, Glenn, that truth has become irrelevant. The non-reality defiant robber barons unfortunately are loved by and own the traditional and corporate media and are fighting for the net harbor of intellectual freedom and social courage we can be sure.

All of us who sense the hypocrisy and crazymaking need the clarity and reassurance — need and deserve the truth you bring to us. Thanks again, our Thomas Paine [Glenn Greenwald]!

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