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10:37 – Well, apparently some of us might be thinking we’re Brazilian now… (Eli)

10:36 – Jindal didn’t say squat about working together to help the country – it was all about the Republicans regaining trust and their policies etc.  Totally self serving nothing for the nation as a whole.  Same as always, it is all about them not about us  (bmaz)

10:36 – My fellow Americans let’s not forget we’re Americans? WTF? (BT)

10:36 – Did he just say we have the most Brazilian economy? (WT)

10:35 – mooooom, can we change the channel – puhleeze (Suzanne)

10:35 – OK, the MSNBC thingy is working, because Jindal’s results are dramatically more suckier than Obama’s. (BT)

10:35 – Bobby Jindal falls asleep standing up. (WT)

10:35 – We know we fucked up, but we promise to regain your trust by continuing to do the exact same things we did when we were in power. (Eli)

10:34 – Government sucks! Vote Republican! (BT)

10:33 – After Hurricane Katrina, we laughed at the dead people floating in the water! (WT)

10:33 – Oh, no, a Rhodes Scholar from Louisiana did not just say that we were going to fight our dependence on oil with nukular power. (Julia)

10:31 – DRILL BABY DRILL!!!!!11!1! (BT)

10:30 – Are you getting this camera guy??  The Goops might as well have had Vince the freaking ShamWow dude deliver this re-butt-all  (bmaz)

10:30 – Flash forward 10 years.  Bobby Jindal, abandoned by his family, is now selling cotton candy in the Care Bear™ Theme Park. (WT)

10:29 – Fuck you, Bobby — stimulus bill is smaller than Iraq and Bush tax cuts–not the "largest in history." (BT)

10:29 – Bobby Jindal reveals that Darth Vader is Luke Skywalker’s father!  HIS FATHER! (WT)

10:29 – "Instead of monitoring volcanoes, what Congress should be monitoring is the eruption of spending in Washington, DC."  Wow, that was AWESOME. (Eli)

10:29 – I really am having a hard time concentrating on the content.  His delivery is incongruous and surreal. (Eli)

10:28 – Government sucks! Vote Republican! (BT)

10:27 – Bobby Jindal loses governorship of Lousiana, once it is revealed that he’s a nitrous oxide addict. (WT)

10:27 – Note to Jindal: when saying "storms all around us" and "Katrina" don’t sound happy. (BT)

10:26 – sounding like a 12 year old – complete with breaking voice – is not presidential Gov Jindal (Siun)

10:26 – Um, what’s the deal with Jindal’s delivery? He sounds like he’s narrating an infomercial. (BT)

10:26 – I like how’s he’s making his Sad Face while he talks about how hard people’s lives are right now. (Eli)

10: 25 – Jindal is in the process of ending his Presidential ambitions.  No party will want that whining to represent it. (BT)

10:25 – Somewhere, Tim Pawlenty is saying "Dammit!  I can take this guy!" (PW)

10:25 – Well, he isn’t quite as hopped up as on MTP Sunday, but sure is a little sing songy or something.  No gravitas. (bmaz)

10:25 – Why does he sound like he’s narrating a children’s movie? (Eli)

10:24 – Bobby Jindal got into his dog’s Valium.  Or else he’s rehearsing his voiceover audition for Regnery Books on Tape. (WT)

10:24 – OMG! Tweety caught saying "Oh my God!" when Jindal walks out. (BT)

10:22 – Bobby Jindal. Dead man walking. (WT)

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