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Non-Comprehensive Issues Checklist:

Social Security
Civil rights/liberties
BushCo. Accountability
Mars, Bitches!

Issues list will be tersely updated throughout the address.

9:25 – Mitch McConnell’s horrified expression when Obama talks about the tax credit for college education is priceless. (Eli)

9:22 – "A surplus became an excuse to transfer wealth to the wealthy instead of an opportunity to invest in our future."  and the Republicans applaud? (Scarecrow)

9:21 – We’re screwed because the last administration (and probably even before that) refused to address our problems, or made them worse. (Eli)

9:20 – "We will rebuild, we will recover, and the United States will emerge stronger than before" — HUGE applause even before he finishes speaking.  I’m amazed at the strength of the applause from both parties. (PW)

9:20 – You know, it’s kind of odd that all those Republicans standing and cheering are so enthusiastic about a recovery package none of them could bring themselves to vote for. (Julia)

9:20 – We can dig out of this because Americans kick ass. (Eli)

9:19 – We can rebuild it.  We can make it stronger, faster- wait, I’m thinking of something else. (Eli)

9:18 – Obama reminding us that the economy sucks, but in much more eloquent terms. (Eli)

9:17 – Nancy looks beside herself with glee to not have dickheads in front of and next to her. (Eli)

9:15 – PBO finally made it to the podium!  The crowd is electric — even the Republicans are cheering wildly. (PW)

9:15 – Sure is nice to have one of these without Dick Cheney scowling out from behind the podium. (Eli)

9:14 – Clarence Thomas looks surprisingly happy.  I figured he’d be sulking. (Eli)

9:12 – "Thank you for not being Bush." "Thank you for not being Bush." "Thank you for not being Bush"… (Eli)

9:11 – Harry and Steny right behind him.  Man, what a buzzkill. (Eli)

9:10 – And we have contact! (Eli)

9:08 – Kelly O’Donnell reporting that Burris is getting no love from his fellow senators.  Awk-ward. (Eli)

9:07 – Brian Williams dissing Geithner’s financial bailout plan.  Can’t really argue with him on that one. (Eli)

9:05 – It’s Hill and, um, Geith! (Eli)

9:02 – I think the Supreme Court Justices should come running in through one of those big pieces of paper. (Eli)

9:01 – I chose NBC with Brian Williams and David Gregory!  Why do I do this to myself? (Eli)

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