You’ve Been Drained Of Energy

Allow me to second both Kate’s antipathy to sugar cereals and Ezra’s endorsement of savory breakfasts and go a step further. What you need for productive morning bloggery is caffeine and protein. (I used to add Taurine to that potent mixture, but I’ve been Red Bull-free for a few months now.) I have nothing against carbohydrates in principle, but I tend to find that when I need to get a lot of shit done early, they’re counterproductive — weighing me down physically and whispering into my ear that I should make time for a nap. Better to crack an egg on a hot surface, accompany it with some breakfast meat and, if you have the time that none of us actually have, put together a salad as an easy-on-the-heart accompaniment. Failing that, fruit and yogurt make a good team.

The objections — they’re so many, and easily anticipated. I’m on the go, dammit, you say, not some fat-of-the-land blogger with the luxury of working from home. How do I eat an egg in my car or on the bus or train without a carbohydrate-laden vehicle? It’s a fair point. But I’m not here to solve your problems as much as I’m here to problemitize your solutions. Egg sandwiches are lovely things, but you don’t want your English muffin to overpower your egg. Might you consider piling two eggs, prepared to your liking, between muffins? Of course, I may be cranky/tired from the burger I ate at 11:30 that serves as both my breakfast and my lunch.  There’s actually nothing wrong with egg sandwiches.

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Spencer Ackerman

Spencer Ackerman