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Teddy Kennedy: A Tribute has been running a very detailed seven part series on the life of Senator Kennedy this week. Give it a read; it’s fascinating stuff.

Being married to a native Cape Codder, my personal feelings are that alot of Teddy’s life has been nicely glossed over. But there is no denying that he has been an incredibly devoted political figure and done alot of good over the course of his years of public life.

Sadly, but not entirely unexpectedly, it now appears that time is very short for Senator Kennedy.Teddy is such an iconic figure. To imagine a day without him in the Senate or in American politics to some degree is difficult. And yet it is inevitable.

He very well could have ended up being utterly defined by Chappaquidick and as such, been known as Massachusett’s answer to Fredo Corleone- drunk, screwing around, in the shadows of his brothers forever and a failure. He had some serious help in covering up the true facts of that night and over the course of time, got sober and straightened up. Time was Teddy’s friend.

He was also a product of his times; can you imagine if the scandals he created were to happen now? The media and the public scrutiny would have eaten him alive- Kennedy or not, the image of Camelot would not have saved his career.

Don’t get me wrong; I LIKE and admire Teddy Kennedy- he has done alot of good in his years in the Senate. He is a fascinating person, though, and it makes me wonder: how many other  

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