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Pepsi beds down with Michael Savage

Some of the suits in the Pepsi boardroom must not have a problem being associated with the racism, misogyny and homophobia that spews daily from the lips of Michael Savage. (Advocate):

PepsiCo announced Wednesday morning a multiyear distribution deal with the makers of the energy drink Rockstar, prompting calls among gay rights activists for a company-wide boycott.

Rockstar was co-created by Dr. Michael Weiner, better known as conservative radio host Michael Savage, who has often broadcast antigay tirades, referring to gay callers as “sodomites” who should “get AIDS and die.”

His equally conservative wife, Janet, serves as the company’s CFO, while his son Russell — cofounder of the Paul Revere Society, which campaigns for the deportation of all illegal immigrants — serves as the CEO.

Perhaps this move by the soft drink giant is to make amends with the bigot crowd at Don Wildmon’s shop. PepsiCo had recently donated hefty sums to HRC and P-FLAG.

Pepsi’s contact page:…

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