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North Dakota House votes for sperm supremacy and fetal personhood

I hate to break it to these people but fertilized eggs “die” in the womb all the time without human intervention, so the jails will be full if this is followed to the letter of the law. (KXMC)

North Dakota’s House of Representatives has passed a bill effectively outlawing abortion. The House voted 51-41 this afternoon to declare that a fertilized egg has all the rights of any person.

As Amanda noted in her post “Another attempt to grant sperm more rights than women,”

Even though eggs are what are mentioned, the reality is that bills like this are about granting sperm more rights than women.  It’s about making sure that sperm, once released inside women, are not obstructed from impregnating a woman and maintaining that pregnancy.  I say that this about sperm vs. women, because men will still have full legal rights to tell their sperm where to go and what to do. Men will be allowed to shoot sperm in socks or condoms or wherever they wish without running afoul the law.  But women will not be allowed to interfere with a sperm’s mission once it’s inside her.  She may not use contraceptive pills to keep the sperm from finding an egg.  IUDs may not emasculate the sperm by ruining its motility and keeping it from an egg.  She may not have an abortion to prevent the sperm from finishing its work once it’s fertilized an egg.

I say this bill is about putting sperm over women, because men often put sperm in women without wishing to impregnate them.  Duh.  I’m sure your anti-choice nuts think men who have sex with women on hormonal contraception are either emasculated or sleaze or both, but the reality-based community realizes this isn’t true.  But while sperm don’t really have intentions in the human sense, they’re perceived as having purpose, and these laws are about making sure women have no way to interfere with the sperm’s purpose once the man has relinquished control.

Just so you know, the fetus citizen brigade is smiling at the progress made:

Personhood USA is pleased to announce that since the beginning of the new year, Seven different States have started efforts for the personhood of pre-born children. In addition, Rep. Duncan Hunter has introduced H.R. 881, the Right to Life Act , on the federal level, propelling the personhood movement forward.

Five States have now introduced bills affirming the personhood rights of pre-born humans from the moment of fertilization including:

Maryland / HB925 Delegate Don Dwyer

North Dakota / H.R. 1572 Rep. Dan Ruby

Montana / SB 406 Sen. Daniel W McGee

South Carolina / H.3526 Rep. Liston Barfield

Alabama / SB-335 Sen. Hank Erwin

Oregon has begun a personhood amendment petition drive, and Mississippi’s personhood amendment petition drive is expected to launch within weeks.

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding