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On Wednesday, Keith Olberman declared Dr. David Tillman one of the WPITW (Worst People In The World) for closing the Motion Picture & Television Fund’s long term care facility and acute care hospital. Disingenuously, the MPTF website says:

MPTF is closing its hospital ONLY which affords the rest of the operation to continue at full-speed…The hospital alone is closing because it experiences significant operating losses that increase each year (currently $10 million/year). It is a 50 year-old facility that would require major investment in the near future. 100 people are being impacted by this closure and MPTF is relocating these individuals into compatible care over the course of 2009.

 [emphasis theirs]

However, all the press releases, from both the MPTF and those opposed to the closure, mentioned the long term care facility. MPTF’s spokesperson Scott Honig cleared that up, explaining

The long term care facility is part of the hospital.


Only a 100 people impacted? The closure will cause over 200 employees, both management and staff, to lose their jobs. Surely that’s an impact. 

Saving the Lives of Our Own, a group of concerned family members and industry professionals, has put together this video about the closure:

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