Kiss It Goodbye

Well, so much for last-ditch efforts to retain access to Kyrgyzstan’s massive Manas airbase, a key logistical hub for the Afghanistan war. Danger Room’s Nathan Hodge passes on word that the Kyrgyz parliament voted to evict the U.S. from the base after all. What’s next? Nathan thinks… Iran, maybe:

Intriguingly, the Afghanistan supply dilemma could provide potential for a diplomatic opening to Iran, which recently completed a road linking the Afghan towns of Delaram and Zaranj to southern seaports. The San Francisco Chronicle quotes Abbas Milani, director of the Iranian Studies Program at Stanford University, as saying: "I certainly think it [the road] represents an opportunity, particularly because it kind of takes up this relationship where it was last at its most amicable: that is, over Afghanistan."

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Spencer Ackerman

Spencer Ackerman