Danica Patrick’s American Flag Tattoo Doesn’t Fly In Sports Illustrated

Imagine this on Danica’s lower back

Sports Illustrated has shooped away race car driving GoDaddy spokesmodel Danica Patrick’s lower back tattoo; the placement is known colloquially as a tramp stamp.

That’s a pretty unpatriotic decision considering the tat features the American flag and a checked race flag–and that at least 45 million Americans have tattoos. And a pretty strange one considering that her ink appeared in last’s year spread online (though curiously was edited out for the magazine), and is featured in this year’s video of her shoot.

There’s a detailed analysis of Danica’s all-American upper derrier at, manly-man website which uncovered this shocking editorial decision. Meanwhile, CNBC reports:

Sports Illustrated acknowledged that the tattoo, on the small of her back, was taken out, but a spokesman didn’t comment as to why it made that editorial decision. Patrick’s tattoo was in the issue last year.

And Danica doesn’t seem to have a problem with the editing of her body parts art. Lewis Kay, a spokesperson for Danica’s BNC race team told CNBC:

Danica is aware of the edits and is comfortable with the final photos.

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Lisa Derrick

Lisa Derrick

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