Peter LaBarbera has been on a mission to take a bat to the knee caps of the Log Cabin Republicans since the election of Michael Steele to head the RNC. Last week he tried the scare tactics, alerting Steele that “the Log Cabin ideologues are ‘gay’ activists first and Republicans second” (ok, pick yourself up off of the floor now), and that meeting with the group would somehow send the party on the path to “restrict our precious religious and First Amendment freedoms by using the government to promote aberrant sexual lifestyles.”

This week, through Don Wildmon’s AFA “news organ” OneNewsNow, The Peter’s trying a new tactic — ignore the LCR because it is irrelevant (‘not a worthwhile exchange‘).

“Every time a new guy like Steele comes in, the Log Cabin Republicans try to say, ‘Hey, he’s one of our guys. He’s for inclusion,'” claims LaBarbera.

But Steele, says LaBarbera, would give up substantially more than he would gain should he reach out to the homosexual activists. “[T]he reality is there’s only 20,000 members all across the country of this tiny homosexual activist group called the Log Cabin Republicans,” he shares. “It’s not a worthwhile exchange to get 20,000 votes to lose millions and millions of faithful, pro-family religious conservatives who are the grassroots of the Republican Party.”

Well, then Peter, since the LCR is irrelevant, why are you bringing it to the attention of Brother Steele? And if as you say (and we witnessed it here during the election cycle), the LCR always claims its party’s nominee is somehow inclusive (look at how it viewed McCain/Palin), then you’re dropping a public pantload for no reason at all. Has The Peter’s 24/7/365 gay-gay-agenda-a-go-go finally gotten to him, or does he just like the attention (hm, hard guess)?  I see no reason for him to worry about a “tiny homosexual activist group” if the “millions and millions of faithful” are out there ready to suit up for the culture war. Is our Agenda so powerful that the LCR’s feeble and ultimately rejected attempts to move the GOP away from its homophobic habits is a threat to Peter’s world?

In other Americans for Truth Against Homosexuality news, Mike Tidmus pulls out his digital pen and produces some entertainment for you. It’s below the fold.The Peter’s latest whinefest, “Georgia ‘Gay’ Republican Activist Calls AFTAH ‘Domestic Terrorist Group,’ Compares Us to Nazis,” plays a crisp hypocrite card, in yet another attempt to slap the apparently threatening LCR down after James Ensley, head of its Georgia chapter, sent out an email to Michael Steele that pointed out the obvious:

Groups like Americans for Truth simply want to divide Americans, and truthfully their group would be more welcome as a mainstream Nazi Germany organization, than an organization which provides any value at all in 21st Century America.

Oh, boy, it lit a fire under the Illinois-based undercover homosexual lifestyle investigator, who called the reference “slanderous.”

Someone smart once said that the first person in a debate to accuse his opponent of being a “Nazi” automatically loses the argument. If this is true, then the Georgia Log Cabin Republicans (LCR) – a homosexual activist group – has just telegraphed the bankruptcy of its “Homosexuality-First” agenda. In the e-mail below sent Saturday by Georgia LCR President Jamie Ensley to GOP Chairman Michael Steele and copied to Americans For Truth, Ensley compares AFTAH to “a mainstream Nazi Germany organization” and calls us a “radical christian domestic terrorist group.”

What further proof than Ensley’s nasty message do GOP leaders and the party’s rank-and-file need that Log Cabin Republicans is a group that – far from promoting “inclusion” and expanding the GOP’s appeal – is devoted to slash-and-burn homosexual extremism and rank anti-Christian bigotry? Rarely is such raw, anti-religious hatred so brazenly put on display, even in 2009 America, as in this slanderous missive by the “gay” Georgia Republican activist. (See AFTAH writer Allyson Smith’s letter to Steele and our original release calling on pro-family Republicans to contact Steele urging him not to pander to the Log Cabin agenda.)

Oh, the Nazi vapors! Mike Tidmus did a little surfing and found this 2003 laff-fest, the “First International Conference on Homo-Fascism,” held by Wisconsin Christians United. Guess who was on the program?

Front, center and slated to speak at that conference was none other than Peter LaBarbera, now President of Americans for Truth about Homosexuality (AFTAH). Of course, that was back in the pre-comb-over days, when Porno Pete’s leather chaps still fit, and he could hang out and spy on all the hot, gay male leather action that continues to dominate his blog.

…I searched for and found at Pete’s blog:

35 instances of the term gaystapo

40 instances of the term homo-fascist

66 instances of the term homo-fascism

131 instances of the term Nazi

…If, as LaBarbera maintains, “the first person in a debate to accuse his opponent of being a “Nazi” automatically loses the argument,” and, given LaBarbera’s propensity to relentlessly trot out the Nazi comparisons, he and his Americans for Truth about Homosexuality lost the argument ages ago.


Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding