I’m glad we don’t have to worry about racism any more. Sean Delonas created this unbelievable cartoon for the New York Post that clearly passed muster with the editors’ desk. It portrays commentary on the stimulus bill (“They’ll have to find someone else to write the next stimulus bill”) using a bullet-ridden chimp on the pavement. Who do you think he’s referring to?

Never mind the fact that the cartoon calls for violence agains the “author” of the bill, who happens to be POTUS. Maybe we progressives are just not in on the joke — they were really shooting Travis the chimpanzee, who was shot by cops in Connecticut the other day, right?

We already have a spike in racist hate groups out there in the wake of Obama’s election; why not add to the pile by endorsing racial stereotypes and violence for knee-slapping entertainment in a major newspaper?

At least we know there are a few human beings in the NYP newsroom; there’s apparently a good deal of turmoil over this garbage:

A newsroom employee at The Post, who spoke on condition of anonymity because employees were not permitted to comment on the matter, said its newsroom received many calls of complaints on Wednesday morning after the publication of the cartoon. “Every line was lit up for several hours,” the employee said. “The phones on the city desk have never rung like that before.” Many Post staff members were dismayed by the cartoon, the employee added.

Perhaps some of the McCain/Palin Republican Base can sign up for editorial cartoonist and news desk positions at the New York Post. After all, they were quite creative in the last election cycle, and might have been an influence on Delonas for all we know…it’s time to bring out the refresher list.

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A Daily Kos thread on this is over 750 comments.

UPDATE: Video of Al Sharpton commenting on the cartoon is below the fold.Via Raw Story:

Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding