First reaction, WTF was the New York Post cartoonist thinking, drawing the cartoon in the first place?

Second reaction, WTF was the New York Post doing publishing it?

Rush Limbaugh’s recent "I hope he fails." campaign has reached down to small town American talk show hosts like Fargo’s Scott Hennen’s "I hope Pres. Obama’s socialist policies fail miserably." [Yes, he is the guy who chortled with Chee-knee about waterboarding. Figures.]

The rightwing Wurlitzer is ramping up the hate.

Now this disgusting cartoon published in a supposedly sophisticated marketplace like New York City. By the global empire of Rupert Murdoch.

Well, there’s a tradition Murdoch’s probably run across in his world travels — seppuku.

For the New York Post, and all of Murdoch’s global propaganda machine for that matter, I hope they commit media seppuku. Ritual disembowelment of the Murdoch presses and the Murdoch websites and the Murdoch networks.

No entity deserves it more than the Partners in Propaganda brainwashing machine that is Murdoch Media.
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