MassResistance, the Bay State’s answer to Americans for Truth Against Homosexuality, is basically a one-man obsession operation, Brian Camenker. Talk about an uphill battle for fundiedom. Since the marriage fight has led nowhere for his pathetic organization (he has had a hard time finding a radio station willing to broadcast his propaganda), he’s turned his attention to attacking the threatening Trans Agenda.

His latest screed on the matter is the story of a janitor in the process of transitioning  who worked at a local elementary school. The school administration sent out a letter to explain the situation for students that was quite straightforward. The meat of it:

Our night custodian has informed us of his decision to change his gender and, as we begin the school year, he will begin living and working as a woman. He has been a valued employee of the Oxford Public schools for many years, and we expect his exemplary performance to continue as he changes gender roles.

The custodial uniform is the same for men and women. However, our students may notice and ask about the differences in our custodian from last year to this. If they ask at school, they will be given a simple and straightforward answer. The best thing to tell them is that our custodian used to be a man. She has changed her gender role and is now a woman.

This can be a difficult topic about which to talk and likely a conversation that no one expected to have. Included with this letter are some resources that provide information about transgender issues that will be helpful should you choose to learn more.

Camenker went over the edge, referring to the act as “Orwellian.”

The radical transgender agenda is proceeding quickly into the schools, now reaching the youngest of children. What was completely unthinkable just a few years ago is now being forced as mainstream by public officials. And as usual, no one cares how this affects the fragile psychology of children. Pushing the political ideology as fast as possible takes precedence over everything.

…This is where the homosexual movement is taking your children. It’s like a science fiction movie. And they tend to back it up with legislation. The upcoming “Transgender rights and hate crimes bill” (discussed below), which we warned people about, would make descriptions like ours constitute a “hate crime” in Massachusetts.

Boston Bud of MassResistance Watch has been keeping tabs on the foaming mouths of Brian Camenker and his (former?) partner in slime, Amy Contrada for years. He notes:

First, ensuring themselves another spot on the Southern Poverty Law Center’s Hate Group list, MassResistance goes after a transgendered janitor who works in a school AT NIGHT! MassResistance is supposedly concerned about the children but instead they are going after a hard working person who is just trying to earn a living and pay their bills, unlike Brian Camenker who sends out emails asking people to donate and fund HIS lifestyle of hate.

MassResistance also provided the telephone numbers and email addresses of the school administrators so their lemmings can verbally and electronically harass them.

Did you know that Brian’s org recently held its “most powerful MassResistance Fundraising Banquet ever“? Can you imagine the stampede of people to see former Congressman Steve Stockman (“Why MassResistance is the model for the future of the conservative movement“) and Dr. Scott Lively, author of The Pink Swastika, 7 Steps to Recruit-Proof Your Child, who discussed “Unmasking Gay-Speak”?

It was so incredible that MassResistance, according to Boston Bud, hasn’t reported on what it pulled in that night.  

Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding