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Why aren’t They Fixing our Problems?

I guess no one seems to get it that all of our problems were caused by Congresses actions or inactions. Now we are looking to them to fix our problems.

They allowed all the banks and mortgage brokers and wall street to make a mess of the country. Now they say bailing them out is the only thing to do. They are blaming the people who bought homes not the preditory lenders. When they say people should have never been allowed to own those homes without a down payment. They never mention that the brokers who wrote those loans made from five to seven thousand per loan whether the borrower had a down payment or not. They got their money but the people lose the house the banks lose money or the government or investors that ended up with those loans loses. There is no way to go back on the brokers. As soon as things get better they will get back in business.

Not only are they not holding to account the people involved in all phases of the problems they are looking to keep them in business. We the people won’t hold the Congress accountable and will probable re-elect those same people that caused the problems.

The real sin is the banks they foreclose after the people get only a few months behind claiming they have no choice. Then they leave the house lay until it loses value then sell or actions it off at more of a loss than they might have taken by letting the people try to fix the problem. This is not driven by good business practice but greed and hatred towards people who find themselves in money trouble. Banks look at people who can’t pay as the scum of the earth not as people to try and work things out with. If they threw a family out in the snow and they all froze and died they would claim they were unworthy of living because they couldn’t pay their obligation to the bank. These bankers are almost always republicans and they are supported by other republicans including those church goers who preach brotherly love and wanting to help their fellow man.

The Government could and should have taken over the payment on any forecloser of a singe family home for a time to let the people stay in their homes for a period of time to try and get back on their feet. If they had done this from the start home values would have slowed droping and neighborhods wouldn’t be blighted and the rest of us wouldn’t have our homes continuing to drop. Things might have been stablizing in the housing market. The banks wouldn’t be in as bad a shape and need as much money. This would have cost less than they spent already. People who were imployed in the housing market may not have lost their jobs and business involved would be better of. Thus the whole country and this recession might not be as bad.

The two entities who would have had to cooperate in this would have been the banks and the Government both of which have no consideration for the people who lost their houses.

With all the talk of helping out people in forecloser or about to be in forecloser little has been done. Talk is not action and will never fix any problem. The housing crisis is in it’s third year and growing not getting better. Why because the government has failed to act and save us. They tell us their greatest job is to protect the American people yet this problem is a thousand times worse than a terrorist attack and they have done almost nothing. They never say how many people have killed themselves or a spouse because of this housing crisis because they don’t want us to know. They don’t really care. The people who died on nine eleven were in the front of the news so they had to make a big show of it. The ones who can’t stand losing their houses jobs life savings or their self respect mean nothing. The people who killed themselves over Bernie Madoff are not mentioned and it looks like he will get out of jail free instead of being up for causing their deaths.

The people need to get after their Representative and Senators and demand their inactions stop. Don’t be fooled by the stimulus bill as it was nothing as to what they should be doing. That just pushed things down the road or coverd up the fact they are really not doing what is right to fix our problems.

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