Quinnipiac polling shows that Kirsten Gillibrand and the man who made her Senator, Governor David Paterson, are both in trouble should they face Democratic primaries in 2010.

"The Caroline Kennedy mix-up still haunts Gov. David Paterson," said Maurice Carroll, director of the Quinnipiac University Polling Institute. "In numbers which could tempt Attorney General Andrew Cuomo to take another shot at Governor, Paterson trails Cuomo 2 – 1 among Democratic voters and scratches out a tie with [former] Mayor Rudolph Giuliani in the general election."

Rudi gets skunked by Cuomo in a general election matchup, though, which may make Paterson’s unpopularity among Democrats a real  problem:

Attorney General Cuomo leads Giuliani 51 – 37 percent in the Governor’s race, ahead 81 – 11 percent among Democrats and 45 – 40 percent among independent voters. Giuliani leads 76 – 11 percent among Republicans. Cuomo is up 61 – 30 percent in New York City and 48 – 41 percent in the suburbs and gets 44 percent of upstate voters to Giuliani’s 42 percent.

And Congresswoman Carolyn McCarthy, who suggested on the day of her appointment that she’d challenge Senator "no-guns-under-my-bed-anymore!" Gillibrand in the 2010 primary, leads in a hypothetical matchup that shows many primary voters undecided:

Rep. McCarthy tops Sen. Gillibrand in a Democratic primary 34 – 24 percent, with 39 percent undecided.

Lots of work for these two unelected incumbents ahead to win the support of New York Democrats in time for their 2010 primaries, which these poll results would indicate are likely.

{h/t Joe Sudbay, AmericaBlog}

Teddy Partridge

Teddy Partridge