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NC: Rowan County Board votes to support anti-gay marriage resolution

Matt Comer of Q-Notes was on site at the Rowan County Board of Commissioners meeting last night. The board was to vote on a resolution urging our state’s General Assembly to pass a marriage amendment, and 100 citizens turned out to see their election officials vote for instutitionlized bigotry. In my earlier post, it had not been determined whether the public would be able to comment, but they did, albeit too briefly (only 18 were allowed to speak before public comment was shut down).

In a standing-room-only board chambers, members of the board voted unanimously to approve a resolution urging the North Carolina General Assembly to pass a state constitutional amendment banning any relationship recognition for same-sex couples.

“There is only one other county that I’m aware of in this state that has endorsed discrimination,” said Mona Borkowski before the meeting. “I live in a county I love. I’ve lived here 11 years. I don’t want to see that happen here.”

…Speakers were evenly split between those against the resolution and those for it.

“Putting the rights of a minority to the vote of the majority defies the very essence of our republic,” EqualityNC board member and Salisbury resident Rod Goins said during the public comment period. “The Founding Fathers set up our constitutional democracy to protect the minority from the tyranny of the majority.”

A local pastor, Garland Faw of Truth Temple Bapitst Church, spoke during the public comment. He quoted Leviticus 20:13, conveniently forgetting that particular scriptural call to put homosexuals to death. Faw was followed by Ante Pavkovic, a member of the radical street preaching group Operation Save America.

What is truly appalling is that one of the commissioners, Tina Hall (a Democrat, btw), apparently does think civil rights should be up for public vote, uttered this ignorant statement: “The citizens of the state have a voice and a right to settle this issue. I support this and think that giving voters the chance to have a say is important.”

Matt also shot video:


BTW, Operation Save America’s unhinged reps show up around the state and make asses out of themselves at NC Pride. Here’s an example of why people like Flip Benham of OSA are not “leaders” for any county board should pay mind to:

This is why we have separation of church and state.  

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