How many investigations into the false pre war intelligence have there been? Three that I know of. The Silberman/Robb investigation, Phase I of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, Phase II of the Senate Select Commission on Intelligence. I believe the last two or three sections of that investigation were completely more recently. The part of the investigation that had to do with the Office of Special Plans.

Now how many people have we witnessed held accountable for that false pre war intelligence? Did I hear someone say 0? zero? Yes that’s right. 0

Hundreds of thousands of people are dead as a direct result of that false intelligence being used by the Bush administration to convince the American people to support an illegal and unnecessary war in Iraq. Tens of thousands of Americans and Iraqi people have been injured as a direct result of the use and manipulation of that false intelligence. There are five million Iraqi refugees that are a direct result of the creation, cherry picking and dessimination of that false intelligence. How many individuals have been held accountable? 000000000

The very least our Reps can do for those who have needlessly lost their lives in a war based on a "pack of lies" is hold those responsible for creating, cherry picking and dessiminating false WMD intelligence. ACCOUNTABLE. This is the very least our Reps can do for those who have needlessly lost their lives, been injured or turned into refugees. Hold them accountable. The whole world is watching and waiting for justice!

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"Rep. Walter B. Jones is tired of seeing our troops sent into battle under false pretenses, tired of endless wars fought for reasons that shift with the tides of public opinion, tired of writing letters of consolation to grieving families. And so he’s doing something about it: Rep. Jones has just introduced the Executive Accountability Act of 2009 (HR 743), which would make it a federal crime for any employee of the executive branch to lie when making the case for war – a crime punishable by up to 10 years in prison and a substantial fine."