Chuck Norris: Economist, Idiot

totalgym.thumbnail.jpgRepublican TV pitchman Chuck Norris wrote an essay about the stimulus plan, and offered up this kernel:

If our country is to survive, we must elect only those who show proof of fiscal discipline, refuse under all circumstances to increase our national deficit, and commit to pass and live under a constitutional amendment for a balanced budget. And if our incumbents voted for the bailouts or bail on their fiscal frugality, then vote them out of office the next chance you get.

Wow, I guess using the Total Gym doesn’t help prevent memory loss. Chuck, George Bush–for whom you voted when he was the incumbent–was:

 the first president in history to implement budgets that crossed the $2 trillion a year and $3 trillion a year marks. His final budget, which [came] to an end Sept. 30, conceivably could near $4 trillion, depending on the final tab for the financial rescue. Mr. Bush campaigned in 2000 on a pledge to reduce the size of government…

Instead during his tenure, Bush oversaw:

the biggest federal budget expansion since Franklin Delano Roosevelt seven decades ago.

 Plus spending

5 trillion on wars abroad and anti-terrorism efforts at home since 2002. Of that, hundreds of billions was misspent, in large part due to a broken contracting system, according to congressional oversight reports.

Here’s Norris’ solution to our current economic crisis:

We cap our spending and allow the supply-and-demand levels to lower to points commensurate with our incomes (not credit lines). We must learn to downsize and live within our means, and not borrow excessive amounts, even for investment debt like a home or business. We must cut spending, reduce our budgets, pay down our debts, and stabilize our homes and nation. 

With that in mind, spokesman Norris is offering the Total Gym at a 50% reduction, free accessories package and free shipping, and payment plans to meet your budget–all for a buck!  Some consumers have reported  that the company charged their credit card in advance until the machine was returned or the trial period ran out, at which point they began paying it off. But Total Gym does refund you the money if you return the machine, less shipping and handling.

So buy now–you’ll save $1424.05!

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Lisa Derrick

Lisa Derrick

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