I rarely read the "news"paper any more. Far more likely to look to FDL and other online sites for what’s happening now. Today, though, a St. Paul "Pioneer Press" front-page headline caught my attention. "GOP’s hopes, and cash, ride on Coleman."

Folks, there is a vast amount of Republican lucre flowing fast and furiously into Norm Coleman’s recount war chest. The party of Rush Limbaugh, Ann Coulter and Joe the Plumber is absolutely determined to wrest Minnesota’s junior senate seat away from Al Franken.

This is my personal plea to you to pull out your change purse, checkbook, cash card, piggy bank, whatever you can afford to part with (that with which you can afford to part) and help Al Franken win this recount. You can do it here.

It’s not hyperbole to say that the future of our country may be influenced significantly by the outcome of this freaking recount-that-will-not-end. Norm Coleman is the Republican’s Republican. He is a foot soldier for the party. Well, he got that way once he saw that being a Democrat was not in his own personal best interest.

And remember, please, that Norm Coleman is the man who proclaimed upon seizing the just-deceased Paul Wellstone’s senate seat that he "would be a 99% improvement over Wellstone." It burns.

Political junkies can follow the recount here.

And could I just say I am fed up and rising with seeing/hearing Al Franken described as "former comedian"? It’s true, but by no means descriptive of his last several years. He was a strong voice for liberals on Air America. He raised a boatload of money for Democratic candidates. And he returned to his home town to rid us of the Coleman Plague.

We need to have Al’s back. Right now, that’s about donations. Full disclosure: I am not part of his campaign or recount team. This is my civic duty (salutes).

I thank you. Minnesota thanks you. And I expect that Al Franken will thank you, too.