This is sick, and it shows the desperation of the Right to begin its 2010 campaign in West Virginia on the backs of LGBTs. They can’t run on the economy, the war or just about anything else, so it’s back to the homo strawman. This is the stellar work of Christy Hardin Smith at FDL and WVBlue:

Via WVBlue, I see that some out-of-state goober has decided the strategery for WV’s Republican party in the 2010 election cycle is….*sound of trumpets*…SCARY GAY PEOPLE!

Complete with an offensive video (YouTube) that includes a gay sniper about the shoot at a family blowing bubbles.  I kid you not.  The sniper scope view aimed at the heterosexual family shows up at :58.

Beyond offensive.

Why target WV?   Because they think we are too stupid to think for ourselves.

Dear GOP: the time for scare tactic politics is long passed. People in WV are scared enough about keeping their jobs, their crumbling infrastructure, and how we can move this nation forward.

Right now? Boogah boogah scary gays ooogah boogah is about as useless at putting food on the table and paying the bills as a strategery can get. ;

BTW, WVBlue notes that this effort by WV for Marriage is run by a guy in GA named Mark Montini. Who is he, and who are his running buddies? Surf back in the Blend timeline to this post.

Montini is a GOP strategist and chief executive officer of, a firm that produced a ridiculous ad to attempts to “discredit” AARP in 2005 that suggested to org supported marriage marriage equality and opposed the Iraquagmire. There was one problem — the ad contained a wedding photo of a gay couple to portray the Homosexual Agenda. Unfortunately M. Raymen and Steven P. Hansen had no idea their image was hijacked for GOP dirty tricks and sued USANext for $25 million in damages.  

Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding