Watching Republicans Grieve

Per the saying ‘A house divided cannot stand’, it is necessary to listen to those who objected to Obama running and gaining the Presidency. Rather than the issue of slavery, my hunch is that Obama references Linclon as the President who fought to maintain the ‘Union’ later called the United States of America.

Because we truly have a nation divided. To that issue, I offer this to read.

One of the issues for those who voted for McCain has to do with ‘accountability’; accountability is -IMHO- the primary cause of the lack of confidence by U.S. citizen’s in their ‘leaders’ and the country as a whole.

And it is the one area that -so far and despite Obama’s game plan regarding ‘bi-partisanship- is NOT being evidenced by Obama’s appointments and policies.

Until -and unless- the Obama Administration drops the mantra of ‘I prefer to look ahead and not behind’ and seeks accountability both for that which has already occurred and that which will occur (see here for why the ‘stress testing is far less than what is needed), those people interviewed by Alexandra Pelosi WILL rise up and tear down what good Obama will accomplish.

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