Texas has had a few good points like it’s oil and beaches but other than that it’s a bust. If we had given it back to Mexico John F. Kennedy might not have been killed which could have changed History far into the future. Johnson might not have been President and things from the vietnam war to following presidents might have been different. If you don’t think this means much think about it.

This huge state has given us some of the most ridiculous Congress people we have had. Tom delay for one of thousands it seems. Goerge H.W. Bush might have never been President and His offspring Goerge W. Bush couldn’t have became Governor to springboard Him to the Presidency. Just that is enough for us to be sorry we kept it.

The present bunch of Texas Congress people are a worse disgrace to the nation because they were for all that has caused most of the problems in the country. They still are trying to cause as much trouble as they can because of their base. It is made up of everything from religious fanatics to racests and some of the most radical thinking people we have. So yes it’s a big diverse State but that hasn’t helped it much.

We could have survived nicely without Texas and would be better off. If it was Mexican the illegals would have a place to go and could be legal. Texas tries to tell the nation how great it is for us but why do we listen.

You probably have heard the old joke where the Englishman the Frenchman and the Texan ended up in the life boat and it was decided three would have to get off to save the rest. The Englishman stood up yelled God save the Queen and jumped overboard. The Frenchman jumped up and yelled viva la france and jumped overboard. The Texan stood up and yelled remember the Alamo and through over a Mexican.

Now they let the mexicans use Texas as a roadway to the rest of the country. If they throw them it’s on the rest of us.

Yes it would leave a big dent in the bottom of our nation but we could live with it. Cars still run with big dents and our nation could to.

Hurricanes would have someplace to go. We wouldn’t have to look at John Cornyn and Kay Bailey Hutchensen and the rest of those people. We could still get cowboy boots and hats from other western states. The best things is Bush’s new home would be in Mexico and we would be rid of him.

So what is there to lose lets give it back. With our luck Mexico wouldn’t take it now. They wanted it so bad in the past but with what we have let fester there maybe they would just say no. I couldn’t blame them for saying no because I wouldn’t want it if I was them. It wouldn’t hurt to try.



My book (Why we have so many American Problems and what we can do about them) should be read by every American before the election. It is available on line at authorhouse.com or Amazon and google book searches. ISBN 978-1-4343-8938-1

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