A wingnut friend of mine got me going this morning on Facebook with a quote from some 1940’s socialist. I would like to ask the FDL community for help in crafting a fairly bullet-proof rebuttal.

Here’s the original quote:

"Now back in 1927, an American socialist, Norman Thomas, six times candidate for president on the Socialist Party ticket, said, ‘The American people would never vote for socialism, but,’ he said, ‘under the name of liberalism the American people would adopt every fragment of our socialist program’…This threat is with us, and at the moment, more imminent." –Ronald Reagan as Governor of California in a radio address from the 1960’s

I basically told him to turn off the talk radio and go outside. Which elicited this response:

Liberals and Conservatives agree something must be done to stimulate the economy, but we disagree upon what and to what extent. When we see things in this spending bill like $1.2B to Acorn, $335M for STD’s, $500M for wetlands in Pelosi’s district, and $100M for a new sports arena in Mississippi, it makes business owners like me ask, "How does this create jobs?"Now in regards to my post, you have shown that this is truly a tough one for you because (a) a socialist equated liberalism with socialism, & (b) you went "ad hominem" ("attacked the man") when you could not properly refute premise made. This is a tough one for liberals, for sure. Is ad hominem the tactic liberals resort to when they realize that 80 years ago, America’s most notorious socialist-a 6-time loser for President- stated that he and his cronies would win in the end if they just started calling their oppressive ideology LIBERALISM?

Another one chimed in with this:

Yes, seems to be the MO of liberals to attack the person and not the message.I actually don’t listen to talk radio, and stay away from anything editorial, I just want to facts and facts show that tax cuts, across the board, especially on business, creates jobs.There is a reason the rest of the world has reduce corporate taxes, giving us the 2nd highest in the world. Corporations don’t pay taxes, they just pass it to the consumer, even those buying dog food.People forget that government doesn’t create wealth, but takes it. That Trilion $’s just came out of our pocket.

So, the 64K question is, how should I respond? Some options:1. Ignore. I already filter emails from said wingnut, maybe I should do the same with Facebook.2. Insult-he wants ad-hominem, I can really go there.3. Fisk/refute-Hard to do because they don’t believe any sources other than Fox/Rush, etc. So what I am asking, fellow Lakers, is to help me construct a short, bullet-proof refutation of their bullshit. Have at it!

Twisted Martini

Twisted Martini