picture-84.thumbnail.pngI’m not really going to Boone, NC, to avenge the embarrassing loss the Appalachian State Mountaineers inflicted on my Wolverines several years back (I’m hoping the coach we stole from some other ‘Neers, plus a good recruiting class, might actually bring us back to Div 1A caliber). But I’ll be close–in Asheville, NC. And I expect to be tromping around some mountains myself, rather than playing gridiron.

In any case, I’ll be pretty AWOL for the next week, particularly tomorrow, when I’ll be driving. 

I’ve asked folks in DC to have a low-key week this week. So there won’t be too much to talk about–aside from the latest insanity from IL. I’ve got some posts loaded ahead for you and I’ll poke my head in whenever I get bored of the gorgeous out-of-doors. And bmaz has promised a bit of fun (hey! bmaz! you’re not supposed to raid the liquor cabinet until after I leave).

Otherwise, have a great week!!



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