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My Feedback to the Whitehouse about ARRA

After reading thru ‘Division B’ of the American Recovery and ReInvestment Act of 2009′, one thing became clear to me: all those people who lost their jobs in 2008 (or will be unemployed in 2009) get NOTHING from this legislation.
So I provided the following feedback to Obama about it.

"Simply stated, this legislation does NOTHING for the millions of U.S. citizens like myself who were laid off during the tax year 2008 or lost their homes during that time period because they lost their jobs or were hit by ‘adjustable rates’.
Therefore, it shows that ,in fact, neither the President nor the Congress give a damn about those millions of U.S. citizen’s .
AND the vast majority of those now unemployed lost their jobs in 2008 but this legislation SPECIFICALLY exempts the tax year 2008. !!!!
And whoever thinks that giving a tax break of $400/$800 through withholding to people will make any difference in ‘purchases’ is using an illicit drug or is just flat out stupid and so out of touch with the average U.S. citizen’s life they shouldn’t be holding public office.
The best part of ‘ARRA’ is Senator Dodd’s amendment setting executive pay limits to be covering those institutions that have already received TARP funds. To read that your adminstration was/is against such an amendment -based on a supposed ‘brain drain’ or a need for higher salaries is laughable. If these executives were so bright to begin with, we wouldn’t be in the shape we’re in. Until -and unless- the FDIC is given the go ahead to act on their legal authoruty re Citi,BofA, JPMorgan chase,Goldman, AIG,etc,, your administration is spinning it’s wheels in resolving the ‘crisis’.
To say I’m disgusted and angry that the legislation ignores the millions of U.S. citizen’s who lost their jobs and couldn’t regain employment in 2008 is an understatement.
To continue the taxation of unemployment benefits is a travesty that doesn’t reflect that the reality of trying to survive -yes, survive, not ‘live’- on such benefits.
Keep trying to avoid addresing the structural issues with a ‘consumer’ economy and yes, you WILL be a one term President, simply because you lacked the courage to REALLY address the inequities in the U.S. economy and culture.
Again, words fail to convey the disgust I feel that this legislation DELIBERATELY ignores the millions of American’s that lost their jobs and/or homes in 2008.

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