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Maine’s Mike Heath: “Think Of The Children”!

From my earlier diary regarding the proposed equal marriage bill in Maine (which, btw, has yet to be even written):

Michael Heath of the Maine Christian Civic League says the proposed law is about making certain grown-ups happy. He’s concerned about the children.

“What we need to be asking,” says Heath, “is what do these innocent, impressionable, precious, very important little children need as they are maturing. Do they need a father and a mother? We think they do.

Yes, let’s think of the children here in Maine, Mike. Let’s finally, really, legally do that.

More below the fold, with some “excellent” examples of good heterosexual parents…Okay, Mike. You have stated repeated, as have many of your collegues, that your true concern in the debates regarding equal marriage rights and legislation is Maine is due to your concerns for the safety and welfare of children.

I agree with some aspects of what you say and propose this: let’s all work together to ensure the safety of children.

Let’s make sure this doesn’t happen:

A police raid of an apartment building in Westbrook resulted in the arrest of three people for possession of illegal substances.

Westbrook Police along with the Maine Drug Enforcement Agency, the Cumberland County SWAT, and a Windham K9 searched two apartments in a house on Seavey Street at 8:30pm on Friday.

Three arrests were made, all on warrants. A female drug user and mother of two also present at the house told police that she used between ten and twenty bags of heroin a day. Both children have been removed from her custody. Her name was not released.

Westbrook Police are urging friends and family of drug users to come forward with information, especially in situations involving drug addicts with children.

Isolated incident? Hardly.

From earlier this week reported in the “Bangor Daily News”:

Drug bust finds needle in child’s crib

Scott Knowles, 21, who lives at the trailer with his 4-year-old son, and James Smith, 26, of Bangor were charged with Class B aggravated marijuana trafficking and Class C furnishing of marijuana.

“Officers and agents found more than 2 pounds of marijuana, a large amount of cash – around $3,800 – and a loaded .38-[caliber] handgun,” Police Chief Gene Worcester said Monday.

“Officers and agents were shocked to discover a hypodermic needle and a spoon with drug residue in a box located in a child’s crib,” Worcester said. “Anytime you see [these items together] it’s generally for drug use. We also found evidence of prescription drugs.”

Worcester did not know whether Knowles’ child was in the crib when the drug paraphernalia was found.

Or how about this one, where the parents stored the drugs in a Teddy Bear?


The discovery of crushed OxyContin hidden in a 10-month-old baby’s Teddy bear led to the arrest of a man and a woman after their car was stopped for speeding on the Maine Turnpike, Maine state police said.

A Department of Human Services worker was called to tend to Chamberlain’s toddler, who also was in the vehicle.

The DHS worker felt something inside the baby’s toy bear. On opening the toy’s Velcro back, authorities found six grams of what police believe is OxyContin, potentially worth thousands of dollars.

Chamberlain is charged with endangering the welfare of a child and being a fugitive from justice in connection with a warrant charging her with 24 counts of forgery in Philadelphia, totalling $5,500, police said.

Scott is charged with five counts of possession of forged material, illegal drug importation, driving without a license, failure to give correct name and address and possession of marijuana.

Both were charged with aggravated drug trafficking because of the presence of the child and the use of the child’s toy to hide drugs, Teachout said.

Let me show you a video of families that could open your eyes, if you will open your mind first. Please watch this and then tell me: WHO are the ones truly hurting children in Maine?

Lemme give you the answer: Not only the criminal heterosexual parents and teachers in Maine, but those who would, due to their own bigotry and intolerance, deny good people to be fully recognized families.

Thank you for your time. Please help me TRULY help the children of Maine.

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