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Uniting American Families Act

I just want to update all of you about the re-introduction of the Uniting American Families Act yesterday by Rep Jerrold Nadler (HR1024) and Senator Patrick Leahy (S 424).

The house bill has managed to secure 79 cosponsors and the senate bill has secured 14 cosponsors.  

This is hugely significant as during the past few sessions when the bill was introduced, we have never secured so many cosponsors signing on from the start.

I want to urge all of you to call you representative to (1) urge them to sponsor this important bill or (2) thank them for signing on to the bill.

This bill is important because currently LGBT binational couple where one partner is an American does not have any rights to sponsor their foreign born partner for a green card.  A lot of them are being forced to leave the country to live in exile just so that they can stay together with their loved ones.  This is blatantly unfair to force an American to choose between love or country.

We have a real chance of getting this bill heard and passed and we need all you help.  

Please spread the word and call your representatives and senators to support this bill.

Thank you!

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