Joe Klein continues to eat his Wheaties:

Obama should now understand that the Republicans are not reliable partners–at least, not for the moment. Most are stuck in the contentious past, rutted in Reaganism, intent on taking a Hooverist course on the economy (although there remains cause for optimism on foreign policy). The President’s default position, after the stimulus fight and the Gregg fiasco, should be to appoint Democrats to significant domestic policy positions–the notion of making a public show of bipartisanship, by reaching across the aisle to someone like Senator Gregg, gives the opposition too much credibility and leverage….

Amen.  Although I do quibble with the potential for hope on foreign policy, given the shanking that the Cheney faction has been trying to contribute to public discourse of late.

When Cillizza begins to see some glimmer of republican bi-partisan illogic on actions never matching words, it’s obvious that the GOP may be overplaying their Snidely Whiplash routine.  Let Gregg’s backstage maneuvers and machinations be a lesson to everyone.

Here’s hoping the bipartisan zombies get put out to pasture:

It’s a lovely idea, isn’t it? The only problem is that they keep forgetting to tell the Republicans, who view politics as a blood sport. They aren’t interested in compromise and haven’t been since old Bob Michel shuffled off to shuffleboard-land. They play for keeps, which it seems to me, is perfectly obvious after all we’ve seen over the past 15 years or so. They don’t let little things like electoral defeats keep them down. They always work it, no matter what, and in the process they twist the Democratic Party into pretzels. 

The bipartisan busybodies just don’t notice (or care) that as a movement which doesn’t believe in government, the conservatives are just as successful in the minority, obstructing any progressive advance the Democrats want to make. They feel no need to "get things done." Aside from starting wars, building an ever larger police state apparatus and pillaging the treasury on behalf of themselves and their rich friends when they’re in power, they don’t believe government should "get things done." So, what do Republicans have to gain by cooperating with Democrats?

I suspect that despite all evidence to the contrary many Democrats believe that the conservative movement is dying, if not dead, and that they will have no choice but to meet Democrats across the table and deal with them reasonably. But if that were true we would not see their many wingnut welfare demagogues ramping up a racist immigration campaign like we haven’t seen since the days of George Wallace. They look pretty determined to keep fighting to me.

But I’m not holding my breath…you?  Digby has much more

Christy Hardin Smith

Christy Hardin Smith

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