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Panel discussion on intellectual freedom at Columbia College Chicago 4/13/09

Hi Blenders,

I’m organizing a panel discussion at the Columbia College Chicago Library ( on intellectual freedom, and would like to invite you join in or attend, if you're in the Chicago area.

The program is in conjunction with the NEA-sponsored Big Read, and the title of the discussion is: “Burning bright: a dialogue on creative freedom in the age of new media”. We’ll be discussing concepts of censorship both governmental and non-governmental, including corporate bad faith litigation and self-censorship, as well as sampling and appropriation. The panel will run from 6-8 pm on April 13, 2009. We’re working out the technology to enable distance participation (leaning toward Skype and Twitter, as of now).

Confirmed participants include:

Cole Robertson, coordinator/moderator (yours truly)

Stacia Yeapanis, new media artist, member of the MoCP’s Midwest Photographers Project and soon to be published in the MoCP/Aperture book series ‘MP3’

Al Gini, Ph. D., philosopher specializing in business ethics, Professor @ Loyola School of Business Management…

Steve Edwards, acting program director, WBEZ…

Karen Fiorito, political artist/printmaker (via conference call from LA)…

DJ Sundance, recording artist/first female DJ @ WVAM Chicago (102.7 PM)

So… Feel free to contact me or leave a comment if you have suggestions for good panel members, questions/issues you'd like to see covered, or if you'd like to join in! Cheers,

Cole (please put panel discussion in CAPS in the subject line–we have an extremely aggressive spam filter!)


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