And get this — he has banned the press and the public from the event! Oh, the nostalgia.

Not even a month after leaving office, former president George W. Bush has joined the lecture circuit. However he hasn’t strayed far his from presidential style: Bush has banned the public and media from his first post-presidential speaking event, and he’s scheduled to speak in what a political science professor says is friendly territory.

That is the element that stands out: Bush won’t be speaking in the United States.

His Mar. 17 speech, to be given before the Calgary Chamber of Commerce, a pro-business group, is expected to draw a private audience of 1,500.

A University of Calgary political science professor told Canadian television: “I think he’s probably nervous about how he’ll be received, and so Calgary’s a safe place.” He noted that the city is pro-American and more conservative than some other Canadian metropolises.

What will the former Dear Leader speak about to his fawning audience? He will discuss, according to the invitations, his “eight momentous years in the Oval Office.” It was not disclosed how much his appearance will $et back the Calgary Chamber of Commerce.

Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding