highresphoto-thumb.jpgIt appears Dan Boren doesn’t think Democrats are Americans.

"It was a good thing for the president to meet with Republicans. The previous administration never met with Democratic members of Congress. The problem is that it became a Democrat [sic] bill and not an American bill,” Boren continued, “because he didn’t use any of the Republican ideas.

Someone might want to teach this rube how to properly use the adjectival form of his own party, and while they’re at it, remind him that the Economic Recovery Act is about 40% tax cuts. Not to mention the fact that three Republicans in the Senate helped write it. So the claim that there’s no Republican "ideas" in the bill is a lie.

If Boren’s name is vaguely familiar, it’s because he got press by refusing to endorse his party’s nominee for president.

Calling him "the most liberal senator" in Congress, Democratic Rep. Dan Boren of Oklahoma told the Associated Press on Tuesday that he won’t endorse the presumptive Democratic nominee.

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